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This Bethesda Community website is part funded by Gwynedd Council who have been successful in securing funding through the "Rural Communities Development Fund" to develop the project "Digital Gwynedd: Public Access WIFI in rural communities".

The object was to bring together businesses & community to create a marketing officer for the valley alongside the establishment of a community led public WIFI network for visitors and residents on the high street in Bethesda.

The website:

  • Forms part of a larger plan by Partneriaeth Ogwen (& the Bethesda Business Forum) to stimulate sustainable economic development in the village.
  • Will encourage businesses to get an "online presence", allowing them to connect with visitors, the local community and other businesses.
  • Is led by Meleri Davies (Partneriaeth Ogwen), Nick Pipe (Dab Design) with the support of the Bethesda Business Forum & Rheinallt Puw (Plaid Cymru local councilor).
  • Has a pointed a part-time marking officer, Tom Simone to manage the project.

Thank you to our primary sponsors:

and all the local businesses and accommodation providers who are supporting this project.


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